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Operation Model

 Repair and Maintenance of Pazar Talav

Proposal to repair and maintain the 60-year-old percolation tank that has dried up over the last ten years due to non-desilting and poor maintenance.

Planting drought-resistant trees and shrubs in these regions to promote greenery and increase water retention and create a balanced ecosystem.

Beneficiaries:  Villages and Number of People 

Washi Mahagaon Dam-250 Families with 1250 Members 
Solam Wadi -50 Families with 250 Members 
Borghar Haveli -175 Families with 875 Members 
Borghar Adivasi Wadi-200 Families with 1000 Members 
Sai Dham -90 Families with 450 Members 
Washi Adivasi Wadi-65 Families with 325 Members
Nigudshet Adivasi Wadi-100 families with 500 Members 
Adivasi homes -180 Adivasi homes with 900 members 
Total Homes Overall -1100 Homes 
Total members Overall -5550 Members 

The families mentioned above rely on either self-farming or labor farming as their primary source of livelihood.


Improvement in Crop yields and Plantation 

150 acres of land will be recultivated along with a mango plantation

Coconut trees will also flourish as a by-product 

The income of farmers will increase by 25%

Improvement in the quality of rice, and an increase in the size of pulses. 

Additional Employment Opportunities for the Adivasis who also depend on these water bodies for fishing will benefit as they will be able to sell the fishes their products in nearby areas.

Woman in a Field
Image by Paz Arando

Maximizing Crop Yields and Promoting Green Plantation

Rice and Nachni (also known as Finger Millet) are Kharif crops, which means they are typically sown in the rainy season and harvested in autumn. The September harvest aligns with the end of the rainy season.

Waal, Chana, Chouli, Hara Chana, and Matki are all Rabi crops, which means they are sown in December and harvested in spring.

Top Soil excavated from the Pazar Talav will be used by the above farmers for farmland and growing trees (topsoil)

No need for chemical fertilizers for 4 years when they use this Top Soil

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